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Make documents work
double duty to build business.

  • Add personalized marketing messages to documents.
  • Include special offers to cross-sell.
  • Build shared cost relationships.



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Now you can multi-purpose statements, invoices, and other notifications to customers by adding relevant and personalized promotional messages. Transpromotional, or "TransPromo," marketing uses the empty space on transactional documents as an efficient marketing platform for cross-selling opportunities. PSC has the digital print expertise and solutions to add marketing muscle to your mailings without delay.

Capitalize on the captive attention of your customers.
The value of using transactional documents as marketing vehicles is that 95% of them are actually opened and read.* That's because transactional documents reflect an established relationship where the recipient has "opted-in" based on doing business with you. Studies show that a consumer will spend one to three minutes reviewing a bill - and then read it again later when a required action is performed. That is a prime opportunity to create and sustain ongoing communications that promote products and services in a way that is timely, attractive, and easy to understand.

PSC uses the latest advances in data management and digital print technology.
The TransPromo revolution is being driven by advancements in the speed, cost, and quality of digital color print equipment and integrated print management software. PSC is leading the way with a proven suite of print management software solutions that make it easy to migrate to transactional and variable printing using PSC's high-quality printers. These include powerful digital color presses engineered for ultra-high-quality, on-demand production and variable data printing. Interestingly, research has repeatedly shown that information printed in color is far more likely to be viewed and retained than information printed in halftones or black & white.

A Win-Win Solution
Everybody benefits from transpromotional marketing. Recipients of transactional documents containing promotional messaging get more relevant, personalized, and usable information. Companies can turn what is traditionally an inherent operational cost into a profit center by essentially creating advertising space on their clients' statements. And marketers can target their messaging for maximum response and ROI with small incremental costs compared to other promotion channels.

* InfoTrends, Inc., The TransPromo Revolution: The Time is Now! August 2007