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Improve collection services
with a proprietary cost per response system.

  • Increase recovery rates
  • Decrease customer service calls
  • Lower collection costs


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NSA Services, a PSC Info Group Company

NSA specializes in the creation, production, printing, preparation and mailing of billing, collection and direct response marketing letters throughout the United States and Canada. A unique combination of collection programs and lettershop services allows NSA to provide a wide range of first-party receivables strategies and solutions for many industries, including telecommunications, publishing, healthcare and financial services.

While many companies consider the "cost per letter" of their mailings, it's meaningless if the letter only generates a weak response. Through our proprietary service called CPR – an acronym for "Cost per Response" – we employ market-tested strategies to develop effective communications that motivate customers to pay. CPR breathes life into your billing and collection programs, making them much more effective at profit recovery. It revives your ROI by applying proven direct marketing principles, such as "champion/challenger testing" and "letter geometry" as well as best practices methodology to create predictable, repeatable tactics that deliver the lowest cost per response compared to competitive methods.

From envelope design and letter format to the actual printed message, we create mailings that are most likely to get opened, get read, and get answered. In fact, a letter program designed by us typically generates a response rate that is 25% higher than the response rate of a client-designed reminder or collection letter. That translates into three tangible benefits for you: greater profitability, fewer customer service calls, and a lower cost to collect.

NSA Services, a PSC Info Group Company
270 Spagnoli Road, Suite 111
Melville, NY 11747